Hey girl hey! 

I know you are SO ready to

Elevate your visibility and brand by showing up bold, brave and fearless, attracting more of the clients and cash you really want but...
  • You're frustrated and aren't sure where to start or what to do next

  • The mean girl in your head is screaming at you, making you doubt yourself.

  • It scares the ever loving crap out of you to think about putting yourself out there more

  • You are so overwhelmed with #allthethings that you just can't focus

It doesn't matter if your just getting started or you've been a #BOSS for awhile, I got you.

"Y'all! Jenessa is one badass coach with a gigantic heart and one of the most sensitive bull-shit detectors I've ever seen (like she's got zero tolerance for excuses, but she's NICE about it!)"

Barbara H.
Owner, Daring Spirits

"I loved coaching with Jenessa! I was able to ask questions about my business without feeling silly and I learned so much about how to share my story, my WHY, and who my ideal client is. I have a plan now on how to grow and how to create my content. I also have a clearer vision about my business and the direction I’d like to go in. "

Keila S.
Owner, KNS VIrtual

"I had absolutely no idea how to brand my business, I wasn't connecting to my clients and just couldn't get them to book. I had tried other coaches and felt like I was just getting more to do's and my plate was already overflowing, but working with Jenessa was different. She took the time to understand my passions, vision and goals, and used that intel to define a plan best suited for me. My calendar is filling up and I am on track to meet my revenue goals this year!"

Jen G.
Owner, Defining The Style

"I just started my network marketing business when I found Jenessa and was totally lost! I was overwhelmed with all the free content out there and piecing it together was a nightmare. I needed to build my team but just couldn't seem to seal the deal. Since working with Jenessa my business has grown with 5 new team members this month and a bigger following online! She gave me practical ways of building my brand and kept me focused and inspired to meet my goals"

Amy S.
Owner, CBD Palace

Why do we do that?

Because we don't want to admit that we don't know what the hell we are doing or aren't sure what to do next! Just the thought of being vulnerable scares us more than failing.


You are struggling, and you sure as hell don't want to fail. So what are you going to do?

Continue to stress yourself out for no reason OR get some freaking help and support? 

Sure you can do it alone but it will cost you a TON of time you could be spending being the genius you are, in the areas that actually make you money.

Speaking of...it's costing you way more cash in the long run because your spending so much time trying to figure it all out that your clients are all going to someone else!

Girl, You Don't Need To Do It Alone!

Throw on your favorite bad ass jacket (you know you've got one), give your hair a good dry shampoo, put on your power color lippie and make like wonder woman and take back your control!
Let's do this...your next level is waiting

You've Got Options

A girl can never have too many options, am I right?
Here's how this works.
I am not a fan of basic anything. Your not basic. I'm not basic. Your dreams and goals are definitely NOT basic. And YOUR coaching shouldn't be cookie cutter either.
What I do know is, us girls like to know what the hell we are getting for our money.
So in order to appease our inner shopaholic I have put together some examples of my programs below.
Before you decide either way, your best bet is to try me on aka. schedule a Boss Queen discovery call
Because, unlike the wrong size of the cutest pair of Jimmie Choo's, we can tailor fit something just for you.

Umm yeah, of course I want to talk!

Your Brand Blueprint


6 Weeks

  • Get clear on who your dream client is, who you are as a business owner, and what you do as a creative entrepreneur so that you can attract, speak to, and book your dream client with ease.
  • Get clear on your vision and your why, so that you can create a brand story that embodies who YOU are so that your personality shines through in your messaging and personal branding and more people understand who you are and relate to you.
  • Strategically set up all those pieces so that it’s a simple, repeatable, go-to plan that easily attracts your dream clients with out you ever having to chase anyone ever again.

If you’re fully ready to have a powerful personal brand that easily attracts dream clients, truly reflects who you are and let’s you serve and book new clients CONSISTENTLY, then this is for you. 

Yes please, let's chat!

Goal Getter


12 weeks

  • Get clear on your offer and create magnetic messaging around it so that you are known as the expert and can powerfully convey it's value with ease making it a no-brainer for your dream clients to buy.
  • Create a simple, repeatable 90 day marketing plan so that no matter what you are offering you can use this plan over and over with out re-creating the wheel and scale your business with ease.
  • Strategically plan out your 90 day goals to implement that marketing plan so that you know exactly where to focus your efforts to maximize your brand impact and have leads and sales rolling in on auto pilot, sell out your courses and programs, and book your calendar solid.

If you have a strong brand blueprint and are fully ready to have clear, magnetic messaging, make sales conversations easy, show up confidently, and explode your visibility and bank account CONSISTENTLY then this is for you.

Hell yes, let's talk!

Next Level


6 Months

  • Get clear on your long term goals and break them down in to simple plans so that you can easily scale to your next level.
  • Create an easy to implement marketing strategy to reach those goals, that you build on so you see big results verses a lot of little splashes.
  • Create and implement auto pilot processes that will keep your biz and bank account running while you sleep

If you have a strong brand blueprint, are super confident in what you offer and are selling like a boss and now you're ready to scale to the next level with massive impact, confidence, and ease, fearlessly show up in your biz and for yourself so you can create a life of abundance and freedom then this is for you!

I'm ready, talk to me!

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